Hi all, I’ve now finished most of the main guitar solo parts and will soon be editing some different takes together to see what sounds best. It’s sounding pretty good. I’ve left many of the solos as they were during our writing phase, plus some new and experimental ones thrown in for good measure. After that’s all finalised I’ll be moving onto some of the ambient and ‘other’ guitar sounds and FX.

…finally found this LP after 10 years !!!


Hi all, just a quick update about the progress of the album. My lead guitar parts are coming together slowly in the tracking process, got some good tones and vibes happenin’. They should really be taking shape in the next few weeks as I bring all the parts together. Can’t wait to hear it all finished down the track ;o)



Hello fans, Just a quick post to say that we have finished tracking and editing the bass guitar for the new album. I will soon be busy with the performance and tracking of my lead guitar parts… we are moving along and things are sounding pretty darn fine !!!



Greetings Kurodust fans !!!

Just a quick update regarding the progress of the new album. All the recordings for the rhythm guitar have been completed and we have now moved onto the bass. Trev has been jammin’ away for us over the last few weekends and having a good time in the studio. After some initial tweaking we settled on a nice bass tone with lots of attack and a solid feeling of body to help it sit in well with my guitar crunch. At this stage we aim to have all the bass tracking completed across the next few weeks. Once I have finished editing the takes we’ll be moving onto my lead and ‘misc’ guitar recordings.

Cheers, Rob




2012 Reunion Sessions (2012)

The boys back in the studio, kicking out a couple of new tracks.

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Containment Failure (2010)

Our first full length album, now available!

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Live At The Starks (2007)

Kurodust's first (and only) live gig, performed at Jay's house in August 2007.

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Reinitialise (2005/2008)

Our original three track EP, written and recorded in 6 weeks mid 2005, and remastered in 2008.

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