Vocal chords: initialised

September 28th, 2009
by Ben

Day one of the vocal recording for Containment Failure is complete! Rob has set up a remarkable home recording studio, graciously disrupting his hallway walking space for the period of recording, but it’s worth it because the sound quality is fantastic! We managed to do 4 full tracks on Saturday, as well as a couple of takes of our party song (which will require a few weeks to do because it tires my voice out so much). We got through more than we expected so at this rate we will have all the tracks done in one or two more sessions, and we can move on to backing vocals and a few other bits and pieces.

Because of the way we’ve been recording the tracks, Saturday was also the first time I’d heard the final guitars for all of our tracks, and I’m pleased to say they sound awesome! I think we’re going to have a great sounding album on our hands once we’re finally finished.

That’s all from me, if we’re lucky Rob will pop on and post a few photos of the recording setup!


Well, Rob is away on his trip to Japanaland, but the guitars are all recorded so as soon as he gets back (actually, more like 3 weeks after he gets back due to scheduling conflicts) we’ll be ready to record my vocals, the final part of the Containment failure puzzle.

I’m pretty damn excited, I must say; I’ve been practising the songs over the past few weeks to make sure my performance is top notch and I’m pretty happy with the way it’s been going. Hearing it recorded on top of everything else is going to blow my mind, I’m sure (Hopefully yours as well).

Of course, even after we record the vocals there is still a lot of production work to be done, and the cover art still needs to be finalised. We will hopefully be able to do a small run of physical copies as well, depending on whether we can find a cheap printer.

With any luck, the album will be out by the end of the year! (But don’t hold me to that)


Hi fans, just a note that I have fixed a minor mp3 encoding glitch with the ReInitialise audio files. This particular issue was causing some minor stereo problems and slight treble emphassis. Free free to hear the new fixed files here and you can also re-download the mp3s to update your ipods etc.

I’d also like to add what a great job Ben has done on the new site design, three cheers to you brother !!!



As you can see, the Kurodust redesign is finally here! Still a bit of tweaking to do but all in all it should be working.

The redesign had two main goals; the first was to make it easier to start listening to our music as soon as you get to the site, so we split the page in two and gave half of it to our releases over there on the right. Clicking the ‘Listen’ links will give you a popup music player, so you can browse the rest of the site while you listen!

The second goal was to showcase the utterly excellent album artwork we had done by an artist named Miles Johnston in the UK. Take a look at some more of his work at his gallery page. We were absolutely blown away by the image he created for us, and we can’t wait to get it printed and see how it looks on the page. Visit the Containment Failure page to get a closer look at the piece.

As you have seen by Rob’s posts, the recording is coming along! I only heard what he’s been working on for the first time on the weekend, and it is sounding awesome. Unfortunately due to everybody’s availability we won’t be able to start the vocal recording until mid-September, but we’re on the home stretch!




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