As Containment integrity drops

December 11th, 2009
by Rob

Hi fans, Rob here with an update from the mixing desk.

I’ve been working very hard on the mix over this past week and things are really starting to take shape. I’ve completed most of the track cleanup and initial processing for the rhythm section. Firstly I focused on the drum kit where the foundation of the rhythm sound comes from. I dedicated a fair amount of attention to the kick drum in particular, though it’s a very solid sound on it’s own I knew it would need a bit of effort to get it to play nicely in the mix. I spent a full three days tweaking the drums, fattening the kick, adding a little shimmer to some cymbals and rounding-out the toms.


After that I turned my attention towards the bass, adjusting the tone and dynamics for definition and a good solid low-end. The bass didn’t give me too much trouble and I was able to move on to my guitar tracks later that evening. I’ve just now completed a couple of full days work on the rhythm guitars and performed a few test runs of the whole rhythm section playing together. I’m confident and happy to say that we are well on track towards final mixing, though more work lies ahead as I soon turn my focus to the all important (and often most troublesome) main vocal tracks.


Stay tuned for more updates on the mixing and the impending release of ‘Containment Failure’ !!!!


Pre-mixing work begins

December 3rd, 2009
by Rob

Hi fans, well well it won’t be too long now. I’ve just completed work constructing the final piece of studio gear that I need before I can begin attacking the audio tracks for the album. It’s my homemade ‘Studio Super Switcher’ capable of permorming many essential tasks when mixing and mastering. The addition of this audio tool will go a long way towards successfully mixing and mastering the record. Despite being an important component in the project we have a deadline of sorts to meet so I made a slightly hasty construction of it, it took all of my spare time for about 2 weeks in the end.

Homebrew vintage goodness

Homebrew vintage goodness

So now I can at last begin the various pre-mixing tasks required for the album. Firstly this involves some track clean-up for noise and levels, followed by capturing some natural reverb for some of the tracks which will help to bring the songs to life.

Stay tuned for more…


Countdown to mixing

November 8th, 2009
by Rob

Hello fans of the unbelievably mighty Kurodust. It’s been a little while since I’ve made a post as I’ve been busy with the various duties that our modern lives involve. I’ve also been spending some time establishing ‘The Lateral Expanse’, my project-blog-reviewing site.. feel free to check that out.

So now lets take a look at the official progress of the much anticipated forthcoming Kurodust album ‘Containment Failure’. Vocal tracking (including backup vocals) has been completed and we have handpicked and edited all the favorable takes. It was quite a process in the end but we all certainly had many laughs along the way (mostly from playing-back Ben’s more “entertaining” vocal mistakes made during tracking).


The guys left the house on the final day of vocal tracking at about 2pm. In anticipation of the work to come I went up the street, had a coffee and relaxed for about an hour. With my thoughts all gathered correctly I returned home to begin the task of converting the vocal tracking studio into the mixing studio. About 10 hours later it was starting to come together, but I still had a long way to go.


…there was chaos everywhere…


…I almost fell asleep in a mess of wires and connectors…


By the end of that day most of the stuff was ‘in’, but nothing was properly connected yet. I spent a lot of time during this last week setting everything up ready for the mixing sessions. I’ll be spending some more time this coming week tracking some final guitar parts.. and then on the weekend we’re all off to the beach to drink and have fun.

Confidence is high though, and despite the lengthy wait for ‘Containment Failure’ we are most certainly on the final stretch. Stay tuned for more…


Harmonix released a patch for their tool Magma today, which means we can finally audition our tracks live in Rock Band itself! The one track I’ve tried so far has been awesomely fun to play, which bodes well for the rest of the album.

Although we are definitely focused on finishing the album itself, getting our songs on to the Rock Band Network could be a huge publicity boost for Kurodust, and may end up being the main way we get exposure to new fans, seeing as we don’t really have the capability to go out playing gigs. So, we’re going to try to get 3 tracks up on the network as soon as we can, and we’ll all be working hard over the next month or so to make that happen. Depending on timing and how well the mixing process goes, the tracks might be up on the network before the rest of the album is done, so it’ll be a bit of a sneak peek!

Tonight we’re all heading over to Rob’s to get some backing and ambient vocals done, and that process should finish up on Saturday, at which point Rob can pull apart his recording studio and build his mixing studio for the final push to release! This is a time consuming step, however, so we definitely still have some time to go.

Starting the track 'Tonight Party Tonight'

Starting the track 'Tonight Party Tonight'

In the midst of rocking out

In the midst of rocking out




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