Recording the Kurodust Reunion 2012 tracks at SLUG Studios

As some of you may know, I’ve been living in Canada since early 2010, and as a result Kurodust has been on hiatus since the release of Containment Failure. Well, I came back to Australia for a visit in June and we took the opportunity to get the band back together for a few casual jam sessions just to see what we could come up with.

Well, what do you know, some of the old magic was still there and not only did we have an awesome time playing and writing together again, but we managed to make the most of the three sessions we had and recorded two new tracks! Jay and Rob did a great job setting up Jay’s new garage studio and we were able to track everybody separately, giving us the ability to put together a decent mix which should prove to be of a much higher quality than most casual garage band sessions.

Rob has yet to record his final guitar tracks, but once he does he’ll be able to mix the new tracks and we’ll make them available here on the website. Rob loves to talk about all the techy bits so he will be making a few posts detailing the process over the coming weeks.


It’s been a long time coming, but the day is finally here: Doll In The Dust is live on the Rock Band Network store, available for purchase now!

You can buy the song by searching in-game on the Rock Band store, or you can follow the link below and purchase it via the Rock Band website.

We’re hoping this release will bring some new fans to the band and the sales numbers will determine how soon we can get more tracks up there, so tell your friends! We’d appreciate any re-tweeting or Facebook liking you can do as well, either linking to this site or the page on

Doll In The Dust at


Well, the site has lain dormant since the release of Containment Failure last year, and the one year anniversary has just passed. I’ve been living in Vancouver, Canada since the end of March 2010 so Kurodust has been on a hiatus, but the response to Containment Failure has been good and we’re looking forward to producing more music once I return in March 2012.

In the meantime, however, we have been working with Chart Toppers Authoring to get some of our songs into the incredible Rock Band Network, and our first track has just been announced: Doll In The Dust. Here’s the official announcement, and hopefully the track itself will be available within a month’s time, after it goes through the peer review process. Chart Toppers have done a great job though, so we don’t expect there to be too many changes needed.

This is a bit of a test run for us, but if we get a good response from this track, we will certainly be looking forward to getting more tracks up and running on Rock Band!


It’s finally done! Last night we had friends and family over and had everybody listen to the completed album for the first time, and everybody really seemed to enjoy it. You’ve probably already seen the release box up above, you can use the player there to listen to all the tracks or download the album as a whole. You can also go to the album page to download individual tracks and read the lyrics.

Now that the album is done, we will be focusing on getting it into as many ears as possible, so if you like it, tell somebody! We’ll be doing some advertising but we’re relying on word of mouth to get this out there.

We’re also still hoping to have at least one track up on the Rock Band Network in the near future (hopefully by the time the store actually launches) so I’ll be working hard on that.

It’s been a long 2 and a half years, but it was worth it!




2012 Reunion Sessions (2012)

The boys back in the studio, kicking out a couple of new tracks.

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Live At The Starks (2007)

Kurodust's first (and only) live gig, performed at Jay's house in August 2007.

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Reinitialise (2005/2008)

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