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Kurodust is a three piece band from Melbourne, Australia, with a goal of writing and recording solid hard rock tracks with a bluesy edge. While most bands are out gigging and building a fan base we’ve taken the more introverted approach and, with a variety of technical skills at our fingertips, have focus on creating content that will stand the test of time.

Our first full length album, Containment Failure,  has been created using a variety of homemade recording equipment and computer software. It is a slow process, due to the fact that we all have day jobs and families to distract us, but we hope the hard work and dedication we put into our music shows through in the final product.

Also, we have super powers.


Ben James

Ben James

Position: Vocals
Power: to persuade and control solely by the words in his songs and the strength of his voice.
Weakness: hot sauce.

Robert Trott

Robert Trott

Position: Guitar
Power: to manifest oppressive force through riffitude and solofication.
Weakness: string tension decoherence.

Trevor Scott

Trevor Scott

Position: Bass Guitar
Power: to affect vibrations onto solid matter at the quantum level, thus rendering it mutable to his will.
Weakness: physicists.


Jay - Drummer

Jay Stark

Position: Drums
Power: stick to the face kung fu action.
Weakness: UNKNOWN.


Kurodust was formed in mid 2005, when Ben, Jay and Rob decided it was time to start a lean and mean 3 piece rock band after previous attempts had fallen victim to the usual follies of garage bands: unfocused sessions, uncommitted band members and internal politics. Practising in a shipping container in Jay’s backyard, they quickly found that the three of them had a creative spark, and within a few weeks had three tracks they felt were a solid starting point.

With Rob moving to Japan for a year, they decided they needed to record the tracks and set about creating a makeshift recording studio within the shipping container. Less than eight weeks after Kurodust was formed, the initial three track EP Initialise was completed. Another five tracks were written before Rob set off to Japan, at which point they were put aside until a later date.

While Rob was in Japan, Ben and Jay asked Trevor to join them in writing some new tracks and jamming it out in the shipping container. When Rob returned, Trevor joined the band officially and Kurodust became a 4 piece. However, Rob and Ben had a side project in mind and Kurodust was put on hold for another 9 months while Silverpath wrote and recorded their EP, In Continuum.

In Continuum was finished early 2007, and Kurodust quickly set about getting regular band practises happening again. Jay had moved out of home at this point so rehearsals were no longer held in the shipping container, which had by this point become a part of how Kurodust defined themselves.

It was decided that before starting on the next writing project, Kurodust would play a gig at Jay’s brother’s birthday, giving them a few months to get back up to speed and prepare their set. Since three tracks would have been too short, three more tracks were prepared for the gig: a cover of ‘People Are Strange’ by The Doors, a mostly finished track that Ben, Trevor and Jay had started earlier, and a hard hitting party song for Kynan, the birthday boy.

With their first gig done and dusted, Kurodust decided it was time to get back to writing, and from July 2007 to May 2008 most weekends were spent writing, laughing, and generally having a good time. Unfortunately, due to disagreements over the direction of the band, Jay left the band in mid 2008, though his influence and distinct style are highly visible in the final recordings of the tracks he worked on (and even those he didn’t).

With months of work ahead of them, Kurodust continued to polish their existing tracks and continued to write with the goal of putting out a full length album by the end of 2008. Once they had decided on the final eleven tracks which would make up the album, they started thinking about how they would go about recording what would soon come to be known as Containment Failure. (Fun fact: Containment Failure was a discarded title for Kurodust’s first EP, Initialise).

Once the title of the album had been decided on, Kurodust commissioned cover art for Containment Failure, tapping the great talent of Miles Johnston, a student from the UK. The artwork expertly defines the band’s desired image and further cements the shipping container as an important icon for the band.

To prepare for the recording process and to get used to his producer’s hat again, Rob decided it was worth remastering Initialise, as it was recorded with primitive equipment and not a lot of experience. Trevor recorded all new bass tracks and the drums were punched up, no mean feat seeing as the original stems were nowhere to be found. Reinitialise was released in early 2009, and the recording process for Containment Failure began.

The recording process for Containment Failure was a long one, taking approximately twelve months from November 2008 to November 2009. This involved a lot of custom equipment built by Rob, a lot of time spent at Rob’s house in his study turned studio, and as usual, a lot of laughs. With the recording complete, and once Rob had taken time to built yet more custom equipment (this time the Studio Super Switcher, designed to make it easy to test the tracks on different speakers and setups while mixing) the mixing process began on December 31st, 2009, and a sneak preview of Doll In The Dust was released at midnight on New Years Eve.

At the time of writing, the mixing process is nearing the end, and Containment Failure is due for release early 2010. Once the album is completed, Kurodust will be working on getting the entire album on to the Rock Band Network.

With Ben moving to Vancouver, Canada at the end of March 2010, Kurodust will not be writing any new material for some time, but they hope to continue releasing supplementary material and to get their album heard by as many ears as possible.






Containment Failure

Live at the Starks '07


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