Doll In The Dust Coming To Rock Band Network

Well, the site has lain dormant since the release of Containment Failure last year, and the one year anniversary has just passed. I’ve been living in Vancouver, Canada since the end of March 2010 so Kurodust has been on a hiatus, but the response to Containment Failure has been good and we’re looking forward to producing more music once I return in March 2012.

In the meantime, however, we have been working with Chart Toppers Authoring to get some of our songs into the incredible Rock Band Network, and our first track has just been announced: Doll In The Dust. Here’s the official announcement, and hopefully the track itself will be available within a month’s time, after it goes through the peer review process. Chart Toppers have done a great job though, so we don’t expect there to be too many changes needed.

This is a bit of a test run for us, but if we get a good response from this track, we will certainly be looking forward to getting more tracks up and running on Rock Band!







Containment Failure

Live at the Starks '07


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