Sneak Preview – Doll In The Dust

Sneak Preview – Doll In The Dust

January 1st, 2010
by Ben

What’s this? An actual release? That’s right, we worked hard all day so the first thing you would see in the new year was a song release by Kurodust! This is the 99% final version of Doll In The Dust, track 4 from Containment Failure.

You can download below in 320kbps MP3 or use the player to stream it directly.

Hopefully this will get you revved up for the release of the full album, which we will be working hard over the coming weeks to complete. In the meantime, enjoy the song and please pass it along to your friends!

Doll In The Dust (11.5MB 320kbps MP3)

[mp3player width="400" height="50" filename="" /]

We also put together a short video with a little bit of background information about Doll In The Dust,  plus the first look at how the song will play in Rock Band!


  1. Jaybo says:

    Nice. Can’t wait for the rest. I like the tom tom sound you achieved. Well done. Now get back to work.

  2. Boof says:

    Love Doll In The Dust guys!!
    Can’t wait to hear the rest!

    Boof x

  3. The Lateral Expanse » Blog Archiv » ‘Containment Failure’ – Kurodust – 2010 says:

    [...] Ben suggested that we mock-up a quick promotional video for the single and try to get it out with the song in time for 2010 (the next day). I don’t know how we found the time or energy, but on the same day after mixing we pulled out the video camera and said a few words (fairly unanimated words) about the song. You can check-out the Kurodust blog post and video that Ben put together that new years here. [...]






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