Pre-mixing work begins

Pre-mixing work begins

December 3rd, 2009
by Rob

Hi fans, well well it won’t be too long now. I’ve just completed work constructing the final piece of studio gear that I need before I can begin attacking the audio tracks for the album. It’s my homemade ‘Studio Super Switcher’ capable of permorming many essential tasks when mixing and mastering. The addition of this audio tool will go a long way towards successfully mixing and mastering the record. Despite being an important component in the project we have a deadline of sorts to meet so I made a slightly hasty construction of it, it took all of my spare time for about 2 weeks in the end.

Homebrew vintage goodness

Homebrew vintage goodness

So now I can at last begin the various pre-mixing tasks required for the album. Firstly this involves some track clean-up for noise and levels, followed by capturing some natural reverb for some of the tracks which will help to bring the songs to life.

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