Final mixing approaches

Final mixing approaches

December 18th, 2009
by Rob

Seasons Greetings once again from the mixing desk.

I’ve had another busy week working away on ‘Containment Failure’. This week I was working through the all-important vocal takes and lead guitar tracks. This firstly involved carefully cross-editing all the chosen vocal takes to make one complete seamless vocal track. Although somewhat tedious I managed to complete this in one day, enabling me to move onto the actual vocal processing. Choosing how, how much and whether or not to even manipulate vocal tracks is known as a bit of a black art to audio engineers and producers. The human voice has a very large dynamic range (volume) and the subtleties of speech and singing fall under the heaviest scrutiny by the human ear. With these sorts of things in mind I proceeded carefully through the vocal performances making the slight adjustments for level, depth and tone that I felt best represent the record. This process took a couple of days to complete and today I was able to move onto the lead guitar tracks. Luckily not too much work was needed here, just some very slight noise reduction and some minor EQ to add a bit of warmth.


With the completion of these tasks the pre-mixing job is very near finished. All that remains is to work through the extra ”misc” guitar parts and to prepare some reverb and atmospheric tracks to add depth and body to the album. I’ll be tackling most of this next week and then hopefully not too long after the lads will be joining me for the FINAL MIXING job !!!!

…Containment integrity is reaching critical, Cascade failure is imminent.








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