Album Of The Future!

Album Of The Future!

December 26th, 2009
by Ben

I realised recently that we have been living in the future for quite a while: video phones, instant international communication, 3D televisions (soon), and we’re about to break into the year 2010, which is the most futuristic year of them all. What does this have to do with Containment Failure, you may be asking? Well, we were all hoping to get the album out by the end of the much less futuristic 2009, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to mix it as quickly as we hoped so we’re now targeting January 2010 for the release of the album.

We start the final mixing this week: Trevor and I will have a listen to what Rob has done thus far, and then we will all decide on changes and additions that need to be made, like backing vocals and effects.

However, keep an eye on this page over the first few days of the new year, as we hope to have a special sneak preview ready to go! Once that is up we will also be trying to drive a bit more traffic through the site to get some anticipation for the album happening, and you may have noticed I’ve made a few design changes to the site to prepare for that. Most notably, I’ve moved the social networking links right up to the top of the page, so make sure to click them and tell all your friends that Containment Failure is imminent!







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