The Rock Band audition begins

The Rock Band audition begins

October 29th, 2009
by Ben

Harmonix released a patch for their tool Magma today, which means we can finally audition our tracks live in Rock Band itself! The one track I’ve tried so far has been awesomely fun to play, which bodes well for the rest of the album.

Although we are definitely focused on finishing the album itself, getting our songs on to the Rock Band Network could be a huge publicity boost for Kurodust, and may end up being the main way we get exposure to new fans, seeing as we don’t really have the capability to go out playing gigs. So, we’re going to try to get 3 tracks up on the network as soon as we can, and we’ll all be working hard over the next month or so to make that happen. Depending on timing and how well the mixing process goes, the tracks might be up on the network before the rest of the album is done, so it’ll be a bit of a sneak peek!

Tonight we’re all heading over to Rob’s to get some backing and ambient vocals done, and that process should finish up on Saturday, at which point Rob can pull apart his recording studio and build his mixing studio for the final push to release! This is a time consuming step, however, so we definitely still have some time to go.

Starting the track 'Tonight Party Tonight'

Starting the track 'Tonight Party Tonight'

In the midst of rocking out

In the midst of rocking out







Containment Failure

Live at the Starks '07


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