Realms of the Unknown

Realms of the Unknown

October 26th, 2009
by Trev

Over the past two weeks, we have increased our productivity by meeting up on both Thursday night and Saturday afternoon.  We have listened to all the takes of Ben’s vocals and picked which ones are awesome enough to make it into the final cut.  But being that all Ben’s takes were awesome, we had to pick the awesomest (is that even a word, well if not, it is now) takes out of approximately 4 per song.  The process was tedious at times, as some of the takes sounded very much the same and we didn’t want to carve up the vocals after every second word.  So we ended up choosing a good mix of emotion, power and pure rock. 

On Saturday we completed the selection process for the last of the 10 vocal based songs, but with the 11th song being something of a ”Jazz Oddyssey” we haven’t recorded any vocal based performances for it (yet).  Once we finished the selection process, Ben jumped back into the recording booth and started warming up for some secondary / backing vocal takes (harmonies, different melodies and the like).  For each song, Ben would record two takes, then I had my chance to jump into the recording booth and lay down some of my wacky ideas.  Once Ben and Rob had stopped laughing their collective arses off, we would either continue to the next song or Ben would get another idea or two from something I did and record another take.  By the end of Saturday, we had attempted to do backing vocals on at least 4 tracks.  Only a couple more sessions, and we can start on the “Jazz Oddyssey” :P

Til next time, this is Trev signing off.

PS. The 11th song isn’t really a “Jazz Oddyssey”, but what we have in store is pretty cool.







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