Vocal chords: initialised

Vocal chords: initialised

September 28th, 2009
by Ben

Day one of the vocal recording for Containment Failure is complete! Rob has set up a remarkable home recording studio, graciously disrupting his hallway walking space for the period of recording, but it’s worth it because the sound quality is fantastic! We managed to do 4 full tracks on Saturday, as well as a couple of takes of our party song (which will require a few weeks to do because it tires my voice out so much). We got through more than we expected so at this rate we will have all the tracks done in one or two more sessions, and we can move on to backing vocals and a few other bits and pieces.

Because of the way we’ve been recording the tracks, Saturday was also the first time I’d heard the final guitars for all of our tracks, and I’m pleased to say they sound awesome! I think we’re going to have a great sounding album on our hands once we’re finally finished.

That’s all from me, if we’re lucky Rob will pop on and post a few photos of the recording setup!







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