MTS: 23

MTS: 23

September 2nd, 2007
by Ben

With the gig completed, we now have the opportunity to relax a bit and get into writing mode, something we have all been looking forward for some time. We only had a few hours for band practise this week for various reasons but we made sure they were put to good use and, instead of jumping straight back onto our instruments to bang something out, we sat down and had a talk about the way we write songs and how we want to go about writing in future.

The summary: we want to have an idea of the emotional arc we want each song to follow before we write any music or lyrics for it, to give us something to aim for. We used the example of the song we wrote for Kynan’s gig as a song that we feel really hit the mark: a pumping, high energy party song. Sure, that mark was set relatively low, but I think we achieved it well. (Having realised that, it would be a shame for that work to go to waste, so we will probably pull that track out for any future celebratory gigs we do, changing the lyrics to fit of course)

So we spent some time drawing out an emotional map of the next song we are writing, which has some much stronger and more personal themes associated it. We completed an initial pass of the first couple of verses, as well as jammed out some good stuff that will hopefully make it into the song. Nothing is locked in yet, my melodies in particular will evolve greatly over the process of writing, but we were all happy with the way it’s going so far.

Look out for the video and more photos from the gig within the next day or so.







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