Trev’s new bass is back in action!

Trev’s new bass is back in action!

August 8th, 2007
by Trev

Howdy peoples,

Sorry for the late post this week, all of Kurodust has been pretty busy lately preparing for the gig. Anywho, after two weeks of having to play with my practise bass (the SX bass that you could barely see in one of the latest pics on the site), I have finally got my ESP LTD B-154 back from the repair shop. Even though it was bought new sometimes you get bad wiring, but it is all up and running and kicking ass, even if I do say so myself. Props go to my fiancee for picking up the bass from billy hyde, because without her I’d be playing the SX still (or I woulda had to go down and pick it up myself. I’m too lazy for that so…)

As we all were invited to a wedding on Saturday (no, we didn’t get invited to play :( We would have liked to but I was part of the bridal party and we weren’t asked) we had the usual band practise on Sunday. The first run through was pretty much the best that we have played yet, which is great because we are going to have no real warm up time on the night of the gig. After the lunch break, we continued playing the set and tweaking Ben’s PA amp. As there is going to be a retune in the middle of the set, Rob decided that because he would take to long to retune he will play the Initialise tracks with a karpo (or however you spell it). Jay played brilliantly like usual, Ben was hitting all the notes seemingly easier than normal, Rob was flawless and I was solid.

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