The infamous speaker story!

The infamous speaker story!

August 27th, 2007
by Trev

Hello all, I thought since Rob and Ben had written posts, that I might as well shed some light on what happened when Ben and I collected the speakers.  Once we got to Jay’s parents house and started setting up, Ben and I decided to go back to my house to collect my party speakers which both have 15″ woofers :) .  I grabbed the first speaker and moved it back to clean out some of the leaves and stuff and Ben noticed something unusual.  Inside the mid range horn was a medium sized huntsman.  Well, I am rather afraid of spiders, so of course I jumped back with a fright, not wanting to be anywhere near the bloody thing.  We then found out that I had no fly spray to kill the spider.  Ben thought of the great idea of grabbing a stick and flicking it out onto the ground.  I agreed, but also said that Ben might have to step on it quick.  It turns out that Ben is afraid of spiders but not as much as I, and that he could poke it with a stick but not step on it.  What was the first thing the huntsman did when it landed on the ground, well, it got scared so it decided to hide.  It went straight into the ventilation ports of the speaker didn’t it.  I thought “that’s it, it’s not going in my car, that bloody huntsman will be running round in my car and I can’t have that”.  So I rang Rob and said that I would be bringing different speakers.  Rob wouldn’t have any of that, and just told me to cover the ports.  I thought stuff that, and started thinking of ways to get it to Jay’s house.  In the end I got Ben to move the speakers on to the trailer (that’s right, I couldn’t even carry the speakers, as I feared that the spider would come out and run all over me.), however Ben also asked me to watch the front of the speaker in case the spider came out and did the exact thing I was afraid of.  Finally we got the speakers to Jay’s house via trailer and my parents car.  We never did see the spider again, but I think it might of had a heart attack or something because the amount of bass that we pumped through those speakers was enormous.

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