So THAT’S why you wanted me to grow a moustache!

Looks like none of the other guys are going to take the initiative, so here’s our weekly update post!

Firstly I’d like to apologise to the band members, their wives/fiancees, the neighbours and any cars passing by Jay’s house last Saturday. I didn’t warm my voice up and pushed too hard, and by the end of the session I was sounding pretty awful. I’ve learnt my lesson though and I’ve been doing my scales all week, so tomorrow I will sound a LOT better.

The gig is next weekend! We were hoping to get some t-shirts made for our groupies (read: significant others) but I think we’ve run out of time. Anybody know of any good places that will do a small run of white on black t-shirts for cheap?

We also need to finalise our video and photography teams, I’m hoping my sister can do some photos but I haven’t got a firm answer from her yet. Whatever happens, I will make sure we get some decent footage and some good photos out of the night. It will be a while before we have another gig, so I want to make the most of it!

The set is tightening up nicely, our Initialise tracks are near perfect and the other three are getting there as well. We found a backup guitar for Rob in case the capo isn’t working out (that’s how it’s spelt by the way, Trev…) and the PA is holding up well so we’ll be good and ready on the night.

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