Ah, so that’s what a guitar is for.

Ah, so that’s what a guitar is for.

August 23rd, 2007
by Trev

Yet another late post, but at least it’s still weekly.

The last practise session before the gig… we thought we had a lot more time but it snuck up on us. That’s alright because we kick ass. The set is sounding awesome and I can’t wait to play the gig tomorrow. Ben having warmed up his throat and vocal chords with scales, didn’t go to the aforementioned awfulness of pushing too hard. We played the set all the way through about 1-2 times before lunch and then another 2-3 after. In between set playing we just relaxed and chatted about the next song. In a rather bold move we decided to stop playing the set as too much practise and we’d probably go insane, and instead started writing the music for the new track based on subject matter very important to Jay. Jay already had the drums and lyrics worked out for the intro and first verse. Rob and I just started mucking around and somehow ended on a cool riff, which is most likely going to be put into the bridge. After spending about an hour on the intro, which sorta went nowhere, we focused on the first verse and were able to get a sound that we were all happy with. Ben’s vocals in the song are already sounding very moving and powerful, and that’s only the first sing through. All in all I can’t wait until we are able to work on it some more. But we have the gig tomorrow.

We are going to spend a fair chunk of the day just setting up and moving stuff around so we get the best sound. We’ll probably play through the set 2 times or so just to be sure it sounds cool. Then it’s relaxing time, the guys will probably go get their wives (if they haven’t done so already), and then I don’t know what we’ll do until Kynan’s party. The gig will be recorded in some way, so it might make it on to the web site in one way or another, you just never know. For those of you blessed enough to see Kurodust live tomorrow night, we start at 10 and prepare to rock, cos we are going to “rock your socks off”.







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