We are pleased to release the first new music from Kurodust since Containment Failure in 2010 – the 2012 Reunion Sessions are 2 short tracks (and an intro) written and recorded over the course of 4 weeks in May 2012, on my trip back to Australia. Having all the boys back in the studio again was a blast and I’m quite happy with what we were able to come up with in such a short time. Make sure to check out Rob’s posts below on the recording and production process!

You can listen to the tracks on Bandcamp here: 2012 Reunion Sessions.


That’s right, you read correctly !!!. The full audio production of
the 2012 Reunion Sessions is now complete. I have been hard at work
mixing and mastering the music over the past few weeks. We are all
very proud of what we have accomplished in such a limited amount of
time. My work is done, and I now pass the ball over Ben as we all
await the official launch of the new tunes.

..And so from the mastering desk, Enjoy !!!



Preparations for mixing begin

Hi there fans. I’ve now completed the guitar recordings for the Kurodust 2012 Reunion Jam Sessions. Things are sounding great and moving along nicely. I’m currently making preparations for mixing the new material, looking forward to putting it all together properly.


The boys hangin’ in the SLUG jam-room

Well, yes indeed.. it has been a long time but we are very excited to announce that new music from Kurodust is on the way !!!. Ben’s visit back to OZ was brief, but we mananged to all get together and make some new music for y’all. The recordings are mostly complete, i have only to track the guitars and then put it all together. We had a lot of fun jammin’ out in Jay’s newly founded SLUG studios, these recordings capture the best of the vibe from the few weekends that we had available. We look forward to getting this little memento out to you all !!!. Stay tuned.




2012 Reunion Sessions (2012)

The boys back in the studio, kicking out a couple of new tracks.

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Containment Failure (2010)

Our first full length album, now available!

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Live At The Starks (2007)

Kurodust's first (and only) live gig, performed at Jay's house in August 2007.

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Reinitialise (2005/2008)

Our original three track EP, written and recorded in 6 weeks mid 2005, and remastered in 2008.

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